Waterproof Bolster Pet Bed

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Waterproof Bolster Pet Bed

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Your pet won’t ever climb into your couch again!

 Featuring a spacious, plush sofa-style design, this bed is sure to make your furry friend obsessed. The cushioned bolsters support their backs, offer relief from muscle & joint discomfort, and also make an excellent headrest. Its angular design lets you place it in line with the corners of your room to give it a clean, tidy look.

 Comfier than the forbidden couch, this bed offers your pet a warm surface to stretch their legs and drift off into a deep slumber.

It’s plush exterior gives your pet the ultimate comfort
A cozy, warm bed for snuggles and sweet dreams
Great for dogs, cats, and other pets
Durable, scratch-resistant exterior
Waterproof and washable