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Tidy Dog Paw Cleaner

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Tidy Dog Paw Cleaner

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Playtime in the yard might be fun for your dog, but their muddy paws might dirty your floor, furniture, and home. Not just dirt, but your furry friend’s paws might bring all kinds of germs, bacteria, and allergens from outside into your home. With the Tidy Dog Paw Cleaner, you instantly clean your dog’s paws, saving you from the stress of having to clean up after your dog.


Simply place your dog’s paws into the cleaner and gently twist it to scrub it clean. The soft bristles completely remove any dirt or mud stuck on their paws.


Easy to use - fill it with water, insert the paw, and twist it to clean
Gentle bristles clean away dirt, mud, sand, pollen, and more
Portable - easy to carry you even when you travel
Does not irritate or hurt your pet
Suitable for dogs and cats
Available in 2 sizes