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Smart Escaping Pet Toy

Smart Escaping Toy for Pets | Bibop Store

Smart Escaping Pet Toy

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Keep your pets on their toes with this fun little toy.

The Smart Escaping Pet Toy is super fast and loves to tease & zoom away from your pet, stirring their curiosity and satisfying their need for a good chase. Watch your pets enjoy themselves trying to catch this brightly colored, cute toy that they’ll never get bored of!

This interactive toy lights up and makes noises to keep your pet interested and features advanced sensors to prevent it from crashing into things. So, the next time you’re working all day, just place this toy in front of your dog and let the fun begin!

● Infrared motion sensors allow them to “escape” when it detects movements
● Features a cute little face with a giant, captivating eye
● The perfect gift for cats and dogs alike
● Gives your pet the perfect amount of exercise and keeps the boredom away