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Dog Toothbrush Suction Toy

Dog Toothbrush Suction Toy | Bibop Store

Dog Toothbrush Suction Toy

Regular price €19,99

Make playtime fun and healthy for your dog, with this Dog Toothbrush Suction Toy.

Featuring a bristled chew ball attached to a suction cup, this chew toy allows your dog to tug, bite,, and chew at the same time. Not only will your dog love to play around with its new play buddy but will also get its teeth and gums cleaned at the same time. Designed with soft-edged bristles across, this toy gently cleans your dog’s teeth and helps strengthen them. 

Easy to set up—just press the suction cup to your floor and watch your dog have a time of its life.

Pet-safe and non-toxic
Bite and scratch resistant
Prevents lethargy and destructive behavior